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29 Bathrooms with Stylish Floating Sinks

 A gallery of a wide variety of stylish bathrooms designed to include floating sinks, showcasing the design styles of many different bathrooms. Welcome to our...


Modern Luxury Villas

Modern Luxury Villas Clean modern lines, floor to ceiling glass windows, plenty of ventilation, expansive pools, and beautiful landscape seem to be the...


The 5 best new 3D tools for April

This time of year can often be a quiet one for those of us working in 3D art and visual effects, with developers gearing up for the events season and new...


Top 10 biggest dams

Russia and Canada have three dams each of the world’s 10 biggest dams, while Africa hosts two, and Egypt and Venezuela have one each.


25 world famous buildings to inspire you

25 world famous buildings to inspire you From the Colosseum to the Kabba, get a dose of inspiration from 25 of the world’s most famous buildings. Whether...