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11 of the most breathtaking buildings humanity is constructing right now

It can be said with certainty that many modern-day architects are truly visionaries. They strive to bring us closer to the stars. Here we present a few examples of their most impressive work. We think all of the following buildings are a hopeful sign that the future is near — and it’s going to be awe-inspiring. Just look at the sheer size and ambition of what’s being built!

The Cobra Towers

These towers in the form of two intertwined cobras are scheduled to be built in Kuwait. Construction was due to start as early as 2008, but the project was frozen because of the financial crisis. One of the key questions has centred on how to build lifts for a building with a spiral structure. There has been a proposal to use a system based on compressing air using pneumatic tubes.

Kingdom Tower

The Kingdom Tower, which when completed will be even taller than the Burj Khalifa (currently the tallest building in the world), is being constructed in Saudi Arabia. It will be the first building in the world to reach a height over a kilometre. It will have space for offices, luxury apartments, an observatory, a Four Seasons hotel, and the highest viewing platform in the world. Construction started last year and should be completed by 2019.

Shanghai Tower

The construction of this 121-storey building began in 1993, but was only completed this year — and fitting work is still going on. However, the impressive view from the top of the tower has already been seen by millions of people, thanks to head-spinning images taken by two fearless Russian adrenaline junkies, who broke into the building site and climbed to the top illegally last year.

Dubai Pearl

Between planning the largest shopping mall and the highest tower in the world, someone in Dubai decided that the country should also have at least one luxurious building that looked vaguely similar to an ordinary apartment block. In this planned ’city within a city’, there will be four towers joined by a sky bridge and an exclusive theatre with space for 1,800 people.

Agora Garden Tower

The construct of the Agora Garden Tower is set for 2016. It will become an interesting compromise between man’s industriousness and the influence and importance of nature. The twisting tower will be in green in all senses of the word: every balcony will have a garden, and it will rely on energy from the sun and recycled rain water.

World One Tower

The 117-storey World One tower is due to become the tallest residential building anywhere in the world. It will also be the tallest in the city of Mumbai. It will have 300 luxury apartments designed by Georgio Armani.

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

It may be the shortest building in this list, but it’s not less magnificent than the others. This building in Saudi Arabia is similar to the lair of a James Bond villain, with its futuristic design centred on interlocking hexagonal cells.

Suzhou Zhongnan Center

Recently, in China the construction of a new 730-metre tower, costing $4.5 billion, was begun. It’s going to take a long, long time to complete. But if it’s completed by 2020 in accordance with its schedule, it will become the highest building in China nad the third highest in the world.

Lotte World Tower

Considerably higher than all other buildings in Seoul, South Korea, the soaring, 556-metre Lotte World Tower is due to be completed in 2016. It will contain shops, offices, apartments, hotels and a viewing platform.

Dawan Mountain Resort

The Dawang Mountain Resort in China will open in 2016. It will include an ’ice amusement complex’, an indoor skiing complex, a water park, and hanging gardens. As you can see, it’s a real work of art.

The Songjiang Hotel

This hotel, again located in China, is designed to sit inbetween cliffs on a lake. A waterfall will literally stream down its outside walls. If you don’t like the view from the top, you can always go to the lowest floors and have a look out — they’re located underwater.

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