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Graphic World Company offers Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions to Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms globally. Our clients use BIM services for construction projects to facilitate project coordination, collaboration, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning, and cost optimization. Graphic World Company started in 2010 as an architectural, civil engineering, and urban engineering company and has been a consultant and executor of many Middle East projects during this period. The company has officially entered building information modeling, BIM, projects since 2012 and was able to enter large projects in a short time and implement a variety of hospital, residential, office, commercial, and residential projects Based on BIM, and has the honor of cooperating with many employers and working internationally in the field of BIM and related services in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. Another part of the company’s activity is the training of specialized BIM software users and engineering designs, which has tried to expand this technology in the Middle East by holding limited private classes. We hope that we can provide appropriate services to the construction and engineering community in this area and be by your side on the path of progress and success of the engineering community.


Video marketing is one of the most important tools of digital marketing at the moment, as the presence of introductory video on your website and social networking page not only makes it easier for your customers to know your services/projects/products / TV program but significantly increases the likelihood of buying or ordering your product. We create history for your brand to live years ahead! We will help create a vivid story for your brand. It’s time to tell your story, we aim to keep you always alive in your customers’ minds by relevant production to enhance your brand goals and objectives. Our creative team produces meaningful stories and original content to promote your brand, all in a calm and reassuring environment where our clients’ needs are always first, as we share in the common goal of their success.


The media landscape is changing. Today, consumers are leaning forward – choosing how, when, and where they consume content. There are more ways to reach customers than ever before. Brands need to be armed with the right media strategy to reach the right people at the right time. Our media specialists carefully analyze your objectives and coordinate timing and budget to ensure maximum exposure and return on investment for your advertisements. We deliver smart insights and a results-driven strategy to ensure the most authoritative and profitable ad spaces for your brand. We handle negotiations and distribution for all advertisement placements and provide real-time analytics for all media channels. We know how to make the most of our clients’ budgets while building their business value every step of the way.


Everything starts with an idea and at Graphic World we love bringing brands, content, and technology to life that helps each of our clients reach their digital goals.  We love understanding their values, challenges, messages, and ambitions.  Then we love applying our creativity, design experience, and technical knowledge to help them launch products, engage with their customers, capture imaginations, and reach new markets.  We provide a full end-to-end service, developing creative and technical concepts that deliver on their objectives, then steering the project successfully through to delivery.


Graphic World Group has the people, the plan, the monitoring platforms, and the analytics you are looking for to offer effective, measurable, trackable, and tradable media monitoring services. We create relevant content alongside your team and distribute it timely according to your media community. Our Brand Specialists keep track of your brand mentions online.

In this specific category, we are connected with top research and media monitoring agencies in the world with a unique multi-expertise positioning, served by dedicated brands and teams. Inside the country, we are utilizing the power and expertise of our sophisticated specialists in which we can provide our clients a full media pre-and post-analysis and evaluations report for each campaign, identifying if the campaign delivered to all the media objectives. We then use the findings of this campaign analysis as the basis for future decisions. Several questions will be answered including: Are there any further considerations we need to include (or remove) for the next campaign?

GWG offers a unique approach to the design of our projects, marrying unsurpassed technical expertise with internationally recognized design capability. Complex projects require a truly integrated design approach with the synthesis of multiple design disciplines into a singularly bold, beautiful, and intelligent design.

Our Architectural Design and architectural drafting services include the development of Detailed Plans, Elevations, and Sections across the following stages.

  • Concept
  • Schematic
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Documentation


Graphics is not about creating a line it’s a complete reflection of your business. When it comes to product marketing, showing is better than telling.  Graphic World offers a wide range of creative graphics services including custom animations, motion graphics, 3D and whiteboard videos that can capture the message clearly, colorfully, memorably, and effectively. With a 100% transparent process from the ground up, our expertise in 3D animation design and 2D graphics design services enable us to deliver top-notch graphic designs that aim at expanding every aspect of your business with attention-grabbing colors given in different outlooks.

Graphic World believes in quality work, that a project is not complete unless it is the best it can be, we strive to develop websites based on our client’s needs and style preferences, while keeping their budget in mind. We give 24/7 technical support with the best team of programmers and designers providing the best experience to our customers while combining a highly efficient scientific and practical vision with an innovative creative touch, working with the latest technological tools and technologies that we constantly update to keep pace with everything new, satisfying customers and achieving their goals and continuous communication with them, In addition to programming attractive and professional sites responsive to all screen sizes and friendly to search engines.