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Graphic World Company offers Architectural and Structural Design, Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions to Architecture,  Interior Design, and Engineering - Construction (AEC) firms locally and globally. Graphic World Company started in 2010 as an architectural, civil engineering, and urban engineering company and has been a consultant and executor of many Middle East projects during this period.

Our clients use BIM services for construction projects to facilitate project coordination, collaboration, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning, and cost optimization.  Additionally, the wide range of engineering services provided by our company will be included Architectural designs for various projects and private and governmental proposals, in addition to the provision of services in line with interior and exterior design, modelling and rendering which makes our company sophisticated in this category. The company has officially entered building information modelling, BIM, projects since 2012 and was able to enter large projects in a short time and implement a variety of hospital, residential, office, commercial and residential projects Based on BIM, and has the honor of cooperating with many employers and working internationally in the field of BIM and related services in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

Team Members

Twana Abdulla

CEO and General Manager

Midi Sherif

Architectural Department TL

Mohammed Ramadhan

Quality and HSE Manager / Mechanical Engineering TL

Zhala Faraj

Electrical Engineering Department TL

Ghanim Taha

Proposal Engineering and Cost Estimation Manager / Surveying Department TL

Farshid Shaho

Interior Designer

Esmat Khidir

Civil engineering draftsperson

Talar Jabar

Civil engineering draftsperson

Mohamad Ibrahim

Insurance Advisor

Rawand Hamasharif.

Business Development Manager

Znar Jalizada

Human Resource Manager

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