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Biggest Cruise Ship Ever Built

It’s The Biggest Cruise Ship Ever Built… Here’s Some Surprises You’ll Find On board

Harmony of the Seas may be the king of the ocean. The biggest ship in the world is the new addition in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Everything about this vessel is done in grand proportions. At 362-meter long, this structure is larger than the Eiffel Tower in France.

It cost a mere $1 billion to build this floating city. It took 32 months to complete the 16 deck ship which boasts the tallest slide at sea, and the deepest pool at sea. Harmony of the Seas set sail this week for the first time from Southampton, England.

Harmony of the Seas can carry up to 7,000 passengers.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-01Royal Caribbean

23 pools, 20 restaurants, a theatre, casino, hospital, and jail are just some of the amenities found in the ship.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-02Royal Caribbean

The cruise has seven neighbourhoods like the Royal Promenade, Central Park, and Boardwalk.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-03Royal Caribbean

Cabins with no windows come with virtual ones from a real time camera from the ship.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-04Royal Caribbean

The world’s tallest sea slide, the Ultimate Abyss is 10 stories of adrenalin rush.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-05Royal Caribbean

Daredevils begin their ride in the Ultimate Abyss by entering through a purple anglerfish.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-06Royal Caribbean

Boardwalk takes you to a retro carousel and arcade area.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-07Royal Caribbean

The fastest high speed internet is provided on the Harmony of the Seas.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-08Royal Caribbean

“Harmony of the Seas is the product of our zealous spirit of continuous improvement, where we have combined revolutionary ship design with the technological strides,” says Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-09Royal Caribbean

The Bionic Bar employs robot bartenders.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-10Royal Caribbean

The robotic arms will make your drink exactly how you want it.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-11Royal Caribbean

The robots can make two drinks per minute and 1,000 drinks a day.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-12Royal Caribbean

Guests can enjoy the ship’s two FlowRider® surf simulators.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-13Royal Caribbean

There are two climbing walls, at an impressive 43 feet high each.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-14Royal Caribbean

The trio water slides Typhoon, Cyclone and Supercell make the Perfect Storm.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-15Royal Caribbean

The waterpark features water cannons, slides, and waterfalls.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-16Royal Caribbean

Central Park has over 12,000 trees and plants.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-17Royal Caribbean

A zip line that flies up to 120 feet above ground will make you lose your fear of heights.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-18Royal Caribbean

An ice skating rink and a basketball court are just some of the sport facilities available.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-19Royal Caribbean

Prices start at $1,125 per person.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-20Royal Caribbean

Harmony of the Seas will spend the summer travelling around Europe before beginning its voyage to the US in the winter.

AD-It's-The-Biggest-Cruise-Ship-Ever-Built-Harmony-21Royal Caribbean

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