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Light Post

Origami-Inspired Folding Lamp

The Folding Lamp by Belgian architect Thomas Hick is an origami light that you can bend and fold into a variety of shapes. The Folding Lamp comes in 5 versions...

Landscape Post

20 Aluminum Pergola Design Ideas

A pergola is an ideal for creating beautiful environments in your garden and terrace. Pergolas are usually custom-built and made of wood, but aluminum and...




The Millenium Falcon-esque ALKIRA home in Queensland is a beautiful $15 million place to be extremely happy with your lonesome self.


Modern Luxury Villas

Modern Luxury Villas Clean modern lines, floor to ceiling glass windows, plenty of ventilation, expansive pools, and beautiful landscape seem to be the...


G Awards winners 2015 revealed!

G Awards winners 2015 revealed! Discover our winners and be inspired to explore new software, apps and movies. For the last few months, 3D enthusiasts all over...


25 world famous buildings to inspire you

25 world famous buildings to inspire you From the Colosseum to the Kabba, get a dose of inspiration from 25 of the world’s most famous buildings. Whether...