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10 amazing future building designs redefine architecture

These concept building designs make use of groundbreaking technology – will we be using them soon?

astonishing buildings
These futuristic structures could be heading our way

From the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building, people are prepared to travel all over the world to see the some of the planet’s most famous buildings. But thanks to the astonishing architecture in this infographic, we can see that the landmarks of tomorrow might be made up of experimental designs.

We already use structures to generate green energy as it is, but what if buildings take us closer to a more sustainable life style? Could buildings be used to farm or stimulate the growth of bio-fuel? This infographic from Keys90 certainly thinks so.

Astonishing buildings infographic
The skyline of the future should look pretty cool

It’s not all about energy and conservation though, some of these concept buildings are just plain cool. Who wouldn’t want to see a giant pixelated building that looked like it just fell out of a game of Tetris? Or how about a building that can rotate on voice command alone? It might sound far-fetched, but the technology is already there to make such structures a real possibility.

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