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V-Ray Material Presets Pro

V-Ray Material Presets Pro is a powerful material collection for 3ds Max and V-Ray. It will includes shaders like: Metal, Glass, Leather, Liquid, Ceramics, etc.
SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro version 4.1.5

01.09.2016 – Changes for v4.1.5 are:
– Now VMPPmax remember window positions and size.
User Library Manager
– Fixed comment issues when material name has a Whitespace character.
– Implemented ability to render material preview images (single material and batch render).
– Implemented ability to render VRayHDRI spherical preview (single and batch render).
– Implemented ability to migrate custom settings from previous version.

04.08.2016 – Changes for v4.0.1 are:
– The installer now can find 3ds Max Design paths.
– The installer includes all required additional plug-ins.
– Fixed map paths for some materials.
– Fixed Real-World map size scaling for some materials.
– Now the UNC path resolver can be enabled/disabled.
– A little optimized the user library thumbnails handler.

25.07.2016 – Changes for v4.0.0 are:
– Completely remade materials and textures.
– New installer.
– 3ds Max 2017 support.
– New UI.
– New Material test scene templates.
– New licensing process.
– Added thumbnails to Material list.
– New Material list views: List and Gallery.
– Added context menu to each list.
– Added options Copy/Move to Categories and Materials.
– Added UNC path resolver.
– Improved memory usage.
– Bug fixes and more…

14.08.2015 – Changes for v3.2.0 are:
– Minor bug fixes.
– New Liquid materials (V-Ray 3.1+).

21.04.2015 – Changes for v3.1.2 are:
– Added the ability to replace external BitmapTexture paths (User Library).

12.03.2015 – Changes for v3.1.1 are:
– Fixed a bug that occurs when rename User Section with the same name.
– Fixed a bug that occurs when rename User Category with the same name.
– Fixed a bug that occurs when rename User Material with the same name.
– Fixed issues with saving notes of the User Category/Material.
– Fixed a potential issue with open User Material full preview when material in list is not selected.
– Fixed minor issues with User Library lists headers info.
– Added “Right Click” functionality to the opened full preview image (Default/User libraries).
– Added tool-tips and option to show/hide tool-tips.
– Added the ability to set Max Subdivs (reflection/refraction) for materials (Default Library).
– The Default Library is divided into two parts: Legacy materials (V-Ray 2.x) and V-Ray 3.1+ (V-Ray 3.10 or later).
– Updated the test scenes.
– Updated the UI style.
– Added new materials and remade some old.


11.09.2014 – Changes for v3.0.1 are:
– Fixed thumbnail viewer memory leak
– Added new materials (154): Mosaic, Parquet and Carpaint.

12.06.2014 – Changes for v3.0.0b are:
– Fixed material destination selector
– All materials and textures are remade
– All materials optimized for high quality BF+LC rendering*
– Added Material Lab (Scene for material creating/testing)
– And more…

17.05.2013 – Changes for v2.6.3 are:
– Bug fixes
– 63 New Upholstery materials

18.04.2013 – Changes for v2.6.2 are:
– Bug fixes
– Added Icon size parameter
– New Tempered Steel materials
– Compatible with 3ds Max 2014

03.03.2013 – Changes for v2.6.1 are:
– Memory leak and other bug fixes

21.01.2013 – Changes for v2.6.0 are:
– The code has been completely rewritten
– The new interface with a thumbnail viewer
– Pop-up full preview image
– Material categories Tree View
– Most of the textures and materials have been corrected
– Fixed compatibility issue of materials between 3ds Max versions (2010 SP1 – 2013)
– Fixed problems with textures in materials
– Minor bug fixes…

29.10.2012 – Changes for v2.5.16 are:
– Added 10 Wood (cork) materials.
– Minor bug fixes.

16.08.2012 – Changes for v2.5.15 are:
– Added 210 Wall materials.

16.05.2012 – Changes for v2.5.14 are:
– Added 9 Tahitian Pearl materials.
– Now compatible with 3ds Max 2013.

02.05.2012 – Changes for v2.5.13 are:
– Added 93 Wall materials and templates.

21.04.2012 – Changes for v2.5.12 are:
– Possibility to assign a Material to an object group or multiple selected objects.
– Fixed issues with Composite Aluminium Materials.

11.02.2012 – Changes for v2.5.11 are:
– Added 15 new materials (Leather – Pattern 7).
– Fixed issues with custom controls.
– Minor bug fixes of core code.

28.12.2011 – Changes for v2.5.10 are:
– Added new section ‘Plastic’.
– Added 228 new materials (Metal, Parquet, Plastic).
– Re-designed user interface and rewrote .NET custom controls.
– Fixed issues with User Category and Material notes.
– Minor bug fixes of core code.
– Updated User manual.

14.11.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.9 are:
– Added 36 new Parquet materials.

17.08.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.8 are:
– Added 48 new Mosaic materials.

27.07.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.7 are:
– Fixed memory leak in custom controls

20.06.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.6 are:
– Added 36 new Leather Materials
– Added 34 new Cloth Material

17.05.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.5 are:
– Optimized memory usage
– 3ds Max 2012 support
– Minor custom controls fixes

30.04.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.4 are:
– Added 122 new Cloth materials
– New parameter ‘Always on top’ (options)
– New parameter ‘Remember last position’ (options)
– Fixed Section creation bug

12.04.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.3 are:
– Minor bug fixes
– Added 14 new Wood materials

05.04.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.2 are:
– Added 80 new Gemstones materials

29.03.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.1 are:
– Added 48 new Parquet materials
– Added 18 new Wood materials
– Corrected some textures
– 3ds Max 2009 support
– Minor bug fixes

24.03.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.0 are:
– Added 112 new Glass materials
– Added User Library manager
– New .Net interface
– New licensing system (new license key and serial number required)
– And more…

11.01.2011 – Changes for v2.1.1b are:
– Adds 146 new material presets and templates (Carpaint, Liquid, Wall)

18.11.2010 – Changes for v2.1.0b are:
– You can now select the resolution of used textures (High / Medium)
– Minor interface changes
– The number of materials has decreased, but the quality is now higher
– You can leave the old version installed and still install v.2.1.0
– Adds a lot of new materials and presets
– Compatible with V-Ray 2.0

08.10.2010 – Changes for v2.0.1 are:
– Adds new 65 material presets
– Fixes some errors of the interface (sometimes the information in the last selection list of a material wasn’t correctly indicated).

25.07.2010 – Changes for v2.0 are:
– A new dotNet interface
– 1283 Materials and Templates
– All materials have been tested by professionals on real projects
– Most of the textures and materials have been corrected
– All textures used are seamless
– The majority of the materials have been updated and many new ones added
– The code has been completely rewritten
– Optimised memory usage
– Adds the ability to change Maps directory location
– Changed activation system
– And more…

05.03.2010 – Changes for v1.5 are:
– Adds new 100 Wall material presets (Stucco and Brick).

16.02.2010 – Changes for v1.4 are:
– Adds new section ‘Wall’ with 44 material presets.

23.11.2009 – Changes for v1.3 are:
– Adds new 41 leather material presets
– Fixes some material presets…

02.11.2009 – Changes for v1.2 are:
– Interface code has been completely rewritten – ‘Affect Shadows’ parameter in Glass and Liquid materials is now ON by default – Fixes map path for some materials – Adds settings to save dialog position – Loads the last dialog position…

25.08.2009 – Changes for v1.1 are:
– Add new section “Wood” with 78 material presets.

15.08.2009 – Changes for v1.0 are:
– New 8 material presets for “Leather” section.
– Rewrited most part of code.
– Fixed error if using the custom button.

14.06.2009 – Changes for v1.0RC are:
– Add new section “Parquet” with 33 material presets.
– Add new section “Plastic” with 12 material presets.

27.05.2009 – Changes for v1.0.2beta are:
– Add new section “Carpaint” with 37 material presets.

21.05.2009 – Changes for v1.0.1beta are:
– Add new section “Fabric” with 32 material presets.

Version Requirement:

3ds Max 2013 – 2017

Other Software Required:

V-Ray 3.4 and above

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