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Minara Park Renovation | Thesis | D.Z

Minara Park Renovation | Educational-Thesis | 2016 | Erbil | Public | Proposal

Lit up like an urban wonderland on summer evenings, the park is a popular destination for the city’s youth and young families taking in the cool evening air.

Well-planted walkways and shaded groves provide a romantic back-drop for promenading couples and a raised terrace cafe offers narguille (hookah pipes) and welcome refreshments.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the park is the 13th century minaret from which the park takes its name.

Built during the reign of Muzzaffar al-Din Kokbari (brother-in-law to the crusader-battling Saladin), the ornate brick minaret is all that remains of the city’s medieval growth beyond the confines of the raised citadel.

A short walk or taxi ride from the bustling Bazaar, Minare Park offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city and an opportunity to escape from the madding crowds.

Area of Land: 21,000 sqm

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