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35 Insanely Realistic 3D Renderings

The 3D renderings Below are the most realistic ones ever created, according to Victoria Samarinaite, the community manager for 3D model store CGTrader, who tracked down the photographers.

The images were created using the most popular 3D software packages, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Zbrush and Terragen. The renderers used include Vray, Maxwell and Mental Ray, said Dalia Lasaite, the marketing manager for CGTrader.

Lasaite offered some advice to those looking to pursue careers in 3D graphics:

    • Learn to understand colors and composition.
    • Understand that you will probably have to spend enormous amount of time to become an experienced artist and to keep up with rapidly evolving 3D technology. To do this, you must have an unbeatable passion for 3D graphics.
    • Choose one particular software and learn it thoroughly, instead of trying to learn several at once.
    • Put efforts to polish your work as much as possible. Work on quality, not on quantity. This way, you will push your skills forward much faster and will build a portfolio with impressive works at the same time.

Which of the images do you think has the greatest impact? Tell us in the comments section below.

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