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Historical Collection | Recreational | 2017 | Completed | Governmental

Iranian architecture or Persian architecture is the architecture of Iran and parts of the rest of West Asia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Its history dates back to at least 5,000 BC with characteristic examples distributed over a vast area from Turkey and Iraq to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and from the Caucasus to Zanzibar. Persian buildings vary from peasant huts to tea houses and garden, pavilions to "some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen". In addition to historic gates, palaces, and mosques, the rapid growth of cities such as the capital, Tehran has brought about a wave of demolition and new construction.

Scale : 1/300
Size : 230 cm X 170 cm
Material : Plexi-Glass + PVC + Wood
Lighting: SMD + LED
Time schedule : 85 days

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