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Erbil Steel (ESC)

Erbil Steel (ESC) | Industrial Factory | 2017 | Erbil-Iraq | Completed | Private

Its construction commencing in 2006 at Kurdistan-Iraq, Erbil Steel Company has started steel production in December 2007. The facility which produces its own energy through its 32 MW powerhouse has an annual steel production capacity of 240.000 tons. Taking into account its production and employment capacity, Erbil Steel Company currently is the most prominent heavy industry investment in its region, producing deformed steel bars for use in the construction sector. With ASTM 615 GRADE 60 compliant production, our company continues to serve its customers by its professional and experienced workforce successfully and with confidence, producing over 600 tons of steel daily from the smelting of scrap iron at its integrated steel factory and rolling mill. Having successfully unified its sector requirements oriented mission with the development focused vision, Erbil Steel Company is proud of keeping its leading position through relentless progress.
Scale : 1/200
Size : 200 cm X 300 cm
Material : Plexi-Glass + PVC
Lighting: SMD
Time schedule : 30 days

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