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Erbil Gas Power Station (EGPS)

Erbil Gas Power Station | Industrial Power Plant | 2016 | Erbil-Iraq |Completed | Private

Located in the south of Erbil Governorate in Kurdistan (North Iraq), about 22 km from Erbil city center. the Power Station is built on an area of 750,000 m², consists of eight Frame 9E GE gas turbines, with the rated capacity of 125MW each, in addition to two GE-C7 steam turbines, with a rated capacity of 250MW each. The total capacity of the plant is 1500MW. This project started in 2007 when the first basic foundation lay in January 2007. Civil work started on 18th of Feb. 2007 then installation work began in June 2007. The first gas turbine of the First Phase of the project (500MW), which consisted of 4 units, was operated on 23rd of May 2008. In 2011 the second Phase of the project (500MW) started by adding another 4 units, thus doubling the number of gas turbines to eight units and bringing the total capacity to 1000MW. As the Third Phase of the project, MGH started converting EGPS into a combined cycle which added 500MW to plant capacity. The ground-breaking ceremony for the Combined Cycle project took place on 5th July 2012. The project utilizes the gas turbine exhaust heat emissions to produce steam in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), which is in turn used to generate electricity in two steam turbines. This process increases the production capacity without using extra fuel. It also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions and hence saves the environment of combustion emissions. The electricity produced is exported via a dozen high voltage lines connected to the national grid in the Kurdistan region. Now after the completion of the combined cycle, the plant capacity is raised to 1500MW. GPS became the first combined cycle power plant in Iraq and the biggest power plant in production capacity in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Scale : 1/300
Size : 250 cm X 400 cm
Material : Plexi-Glass + PVC
Lighting: SMD
Time schedule : 60 days

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