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CHP – Dispersed Power Plant

CHP - Dispersed Power Plant | Industrial Factory | 2017 | Completed | Governmental

Definition: Dispersed generation is a decentralized power plant, feeding into the distribution level power-grid and typically sized between 10 and 150 MW. Our electric utility infrastructure in this country is based on a system of large power plants feeding power to customers through a vast transmission and distribution system, collectively known as “the grid”. Dispersed generation is a concept where smaller, highly efficient power plants would be built along the existing grid, close to the end-user customer. It is similar in concept to the move from large central computers to desktop computers on a network. Minnesota, with our strong renewable energy capabilities, is ideally suited to take advantage of dispersed generation across the state.

Scale : 1/150
Size : 120 cm X 250 cm
Material : Plexi-Glass + PVC + Wood
Lighting: SMD - LED
Time schedule : 30days

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