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This is how you can build a stunning swimming pool in your backyard. Unbelievable!

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have your own swimming pool where you can relax and have lots of fun with your friends after a long day at work or on the weekends. It’s probably one of the biggest dreams of your life.

First of all, plot out the exact place of your future ’pool-pond.’ The rectangle indicates the area of the future pool, while the white outline is the edges of the pond.

It is very easy to dig out the ground for the pool with an excavator.

Once the area for the pool has been prepared, set up pipes that will circulate water through the filtration system.

Next, dig the area for the pond that is adjacent to the pool. Try to dig it yourself.

First of all, cover the bottom of the pond with felt.

Then lay down a pond liner on top of the felt, and put heavy items on it so that the wind doesn’t blow everything away.

Install the filtration system in the house.

And now it’s time to decorate your swimming pool and pond.

Lay flat flagstones at the bottom of the pool, and use decorative bricks for constructing the walls.

Add some gravel into the pond area, and then fill both the pool and the pond with water.

These ideas are really inspiring. But these creative guys went even further…

…and installed lights in the pool for night swimming. What a beauty!

Decorate your pond with water plants and driftwood. It will look really fabulous! You can also build a wooden deck around the water.

Construct a metal trestle to support the wraparound deck. It’s a perfect idea for building a luxurious multi-level deck.

Wow! What a view!

It evokes feelings of freshness and tranquility, doesn’t it? We are convinced that you won’t be able to resist this temptation!

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